With Toyota Auris, you will have very few headaches

Mabuyane Kekana

Mabuyane Kekana

The words Toyota and reliability go hand-in-hand.

But when you suddenly hear some form of noisy sound coming from the clutch pedal, the panic buttons go off.

Our long-term Auris pressed the wrong buttons when I heard a disturbing noise from the clutch pedal - but only to find that there was absolutely nothing wrong with our car.

I reported the sound to Toyota South Africa, who then asked me to take the Auris to the nearest Toyota dealership.

The Auris was taken to McCarthy Toyota Centurion where it was booked and inspected. I can now safely say there was nothing wrong with the Auris. The clutch pedal simply needed lubrication.

The mileage now stands at 6000km, but the Auris is still going strong.

One of my colleagues in the industry once mentioned that Toyota products were the most difficult to have on a long-term test. He argued that there is no action - at least in as far as a journalist would want there to be.

He was complaining about his long-term Yaris that would not give him anything to write about. Our Auris is also a typical Toyota that does not break.

It just keeps going .

But it is what we all want for our everyday motoring. Road Rave will be biding farewell to the Auris next month.

The 1,8 RS is a good value for money. There is a whole lot of comfort and safety features that are standard.

The Auris comes with air-con, ABS and radio/CD player.

Our 1,8 RS is priced at R190500.