Lots of entertainment for children at the zoo

Botshelo Selogilwe

Botshelo Selogilwe

Here is a guide of the fun happenings in and around Johannesburg and Gauteng.

We have compiled a short list of family and adult entertainment for the festive season. The guide comes from the websites of the zoos and the casinos.

The National Zoo will be offering the following children's courses during the school holidays:


This five-day course, which is presented to Grade 7-11 pupils, provides an opportunity for pupils to be acquainted with the animals in the zoo. Pupils will also get to work with conservators and tend the zoo's farm animals. After completion of the course pupils may join the Zoo Club and work as volunteers at the zoo. All pupils will receive a T-shirt and a certificate.

Fee: R150

English: December 3-7; and December 10-14.


This fun-filled one-day course for Grade 1- 3 pupils is packed with games, treasure hunts and many opportunities of interacting with nature. Pupils will acquire basic knowledge of how different animals search for food, and how others avoid being eaten.

Fee: R50

Afrikaans: December 3; December 14. English: December 6.


This one-day course for Grade 1-3 pupils will help them understand how primates communicate, search for food and survive in their habitat. They will also learn some basic principles of how the lives of animals in a zoo are enriched. Fee: R50. Afrikaans: December 4. English: December 7.


This one-day practical course for Grade 4-7 pupils zooms in on the fascinating world of reptiles. Pupils will get to know more about the adaptation and behaviour of reptiles when they are shown some live snakes in the zoo's collection.

Fee: R50.

English: December 5.


This course is aimed at Grade 1-3 pupils, who will be acquainted with the various types of mammals in the zoo. They will explore the feeding habits and the features that make mammals unique. This practical course is designed to help pupils understand the varieties and adaptations of mammals.

Fee: R50

English: December 10

Afrikaans: December 11.


This course was specially designed for Grade 1-3 pupils. They will have the opportunity to get to know the baby animals born in the zoo, and will also learn about the differences between males and females of various species' behaviour in the wild and in the zoo. Pupils will also acquire the skills to identify wildlife.

Fee: R50

English: December 12

Afrikaans: December 13.


This two-day course will be presented to Grade 4-7 pupils, who will be taught about the food chain, biotic and abiotic factors as well as the effect of pollution and over-utilisation of our natural resources. Fee: R100

English: January 7-8, 2008


Children should provide their own refreshments or make use of the zoo's restaurant facilities.

Booking is essential.

Contact 012-328-3265/6020.