Stand up to bullies at work

Book: Don't take shit from hyenas in the workplace

Book: Don't take shit from hyenas in the workplace

Author: Susan M Steinman

Publisher: The People Bottomline

Reviewer: Victor Mecoamere

The workplace is an ultra-hypocritical environment, wherein craftiness, maturity and a good work ethic ensures survival, respect and success.

A literal take of the book's title is ill-advised and it is wiser to concentrate on the subtitle: Reclaim Your Dignity: Be Hyena-wise.

Steinman creates a new meaning grid and shows you how to survive, but the rest is up to the reader because while there are lots of different hyenas in the workplace, the territories, climates and dynamics differ.

Simply put, hyenas are the bullies, the wily and smooth operators. They thrive under circumstances or situations of organisational vulnerability that could become noticeable by restructuring or any other drastic or even minor changes, instances of poor management and dysfunction.

Workplace hyenas can ruin the lives of the people they work with and also bring companies, institutions or organisations down to their knees.

Psychology, communications and human resource students will enjoy the book, but so will any reader, particularly one who has been stung by a workplace hyena.

While reading, you will be reminded of violence in the workplace where victims have lashed back because of stress, depression, suicide or femicide.

What is most heartening about the book is its helpful case studies and detailed research. These - and the wonderful profiling - with illustrations of hyenas at the workplace, show you the origin of these issues.

Read the book at leisure and objectively, with your emotions in check.

You will soon see if you are a hyena or a hyena's victim and you will wisen up.