Report all crime to curb criminals

Getrude Makhafola

Getrude Makhafola

With schools closing for the year today, Soweto police fear that violent crimes will also increase.

Senior police officials from the Moroka policing areas of Jabulani, Protea Glen, Naledi and Moroka police stations told women from different church denominations to be careful this season.

They were speaking at the 16 Days of Activism of no violence against women and children campaign, organised by the Inter-denomination Women's Prayer League.

Senior Superintendent Thombeka Gwebushe said: "The season of wild partying and alcohol is upon us. We are sitting with many violent cases, especially rape. Girls meet strangers and end up being kidnapped, raped and killed."

Police officials also explained how cases are built up until they go to the courts.

Captain Gugu Sithebe from the crime information analysis centre said the police needed help to stop violent crimes in homes.

"It breaks my heart as a female to see that the same thing happens over and over again at home and women keep quite. Unfortunately, our homes are crime hot spots," said Sithebe.

Superintendent Marlene Bunce appealed to the community to look after each other and to report any sign of abuse and violent crimes.