Mass peace prayer from churches

Israel Nkate

Israel Nkate

The Rustenburg showgrounds in North West were a hive of activity when various churches held a mass prayer meeting yesterday for an end to rampant crime in the once peaceful town.

The service was a build-up to the launch of the Moral Regeneration Project (MRP) set for Friday at the Rustenburg Civic Centre.

MRP chairman, Pastor Isaac Mokgope, said it was time that the people of Rustenburg prayed for peace and stability.

"We must live together in peace and also obey the authorities," he read from the scriptures.

"We cannot have this peace if there is crime among us. We need to fight and report criminal activities to the police," he said.

"The purpose of this prayer meeting is to unite the community to stand together and fight crime. If we unite and have one vision we can fight this scourge."