'Tis that time of the year to be jolly

Suddenly the year-end holiday bug is beginning to bite, we are getting dressed up, but where should we go to have fun no end?

Suddenly the year-end holiday bug is beginning to bite, we are getting dressed up, but where should we go to have fun no end?

This question should be on parents' lips. But which places are out there, ready and willing to offer us loads of fun?

Outings are said to be among the most ideal bonding opportunities for families, especially the busy moms and dads who see glimpses of their children in the mornings, evenings and once or twice a week or month, owing to hectic executive schedules.

Travel and tourism experts recommend that families choose hotels or resorts catering for young and old, where lots of group fun and games can be enjoyed within the leisure venues' safety and security, and examples include:

l Taking long early morning and late afternoon walks, which are both relaxing and invigorating. A bonus is provided by venues with small game and other natural attractions;

l Taking to the mini-golf or putt-putt course and having amazing, team (or is it family) building or bonding fun;

l Going on game drives or safaris that provide the whole family with a valuable, real-life learning experience and helps get them in touch with nature;

l Going on a horse-riding excursion, which is yet another exhilarating form of exploring what nature can offer a city-slicking family;

l Leaving the hotel or resort's safe and secure confines and hitting the road to visit museums including military museums, mine museums, car and automation, train and or natural history museums - helping families to cut distances between the past and the present;

l Visiting planetariums to make sense of the heavens and the uncanny link between the moon, earth, sun and other planets and many other celestial beings, as well as the intriguing holds on each and one another - with human beings caught up in the middle.

l What about the aquariums, where you can get up close and personal with all sorts of water creatures imaginable, without getting yourself wet, or you could watch dolphins entertaining crowds. Plus, there are other venues where roller coasters and other fun-gizmos are waiting to help take away all the school and work-related stress.

l Sampling different meals at restaurants surrounding the hotels and resorts, making turns at the nearby shopping malls.

They are building malls big and multifunctional these days, so much so that you can spend the whole day there - window shopping, watch movies, checking out books or just watching the locals. Yes, people-watching is yet another favourite pastime of many a tourist.

Lastly, whatever you do this holiday season, remember to have fun, because if you don't, the fun might still find you. - Victor Mecoamere