Lewele should walk away

Bongani Magasela

Bongani Magasela

Old soldiers never die - they fade away. Lucky "Babawazo" Lewele should heed these words.

Last weekend he showed that you can't turn back the years and ignore youth as the enthusiastic young Bongani "Cyclones" Mwelase outpointed him over 12 rounds.

Both the South African and WBC International welterweight crowns were at stake.

Mwelase, a Baby Champs titleholder last year, paid tribute to Jan Bergman and Khaphathe Mphambanyeni for helping him with sparring.

"This is what I've worked hard for," beamed the 23-year-old fighter who left fans gazing in disbelief with his spirited performance at Wembley Arena.

Now with 10 wins, all by knockout, Mwelase artfully and bravely outsmarted the veteran of 25 wins (18 KOs) and four losses.

"This is not a lucky win. I worked hard for it, but credit must go to Bergman and Mphambanyeni," he said.

Indeed, Mwelase has a lot to be thankful for after being in what should be considered a shoo-in for Fight of 2007.

No one knows more about thrills right now than Mwelase.

After pulling himself up from the floor twice when he appeared to have nothing left in reserve, he thrilled the audience when he came back from the brink of what looked like certain defeat.

He stood up and landed some heavy shots that had Lewele drunk against the ropes.

Mwelase dismissed chances of a rematch, saying: "You don't go back once you cross the river."