Partygoers watch in awe

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

Mutodi Noshehe, who plays Ndalambo in the TV series Muvhango, appears to be batting for both sides.

Baffled partygoers were floored this week when the Yankee-drawling Noshehe passionately kissed Iko Mash, a cross-dressing gay socialite and a stylist, as the soapie star's fiance looked on in horror.

The high-society party took place at the fancy Orient Restaurant in snooty Melrose Arch on Tuesday night.

Sowetan was shown a text message that Iko Mash later sent to a friend, in which he was raving about Noshehe.

"He [Noshehe] is on his way to my house chomie. I love him. He is mine," the message read.

Noshehe also kissed and spanked Koyo of 3Sum on the butt after Koyo fondled him, while Noshehe was affectionately holding Iko Mash's hand.

Mash later vehemently denied any relationship with Noshehe.

"What do you want from me. We are friends. My friends are all passionate with me."

Amstel, of the gender-bending pop group 3Sum, said Noshehe had told the musicians that he likes gays.

"I suspect he is gay. He said he likes us".