Legal is the way to go

Make sure that your plumbing business is legal and above board.

Make sure that your plumbing business is legal and above board.

You need to comply with the national building regulations to legally operate as a plumbing constructor. One way of doing this is to ensure that your papers are in order and to register with the relevant bodies.

The Institute of Plumbing South Africa (Iopsa) is the body that regulates everything that has to do with the plumbing industry in South Africa. All you have to do is to register with the institute to ensure that your business is recognised as a legal entity.

Only registered plumbers and plumbing constructors are issued plumbing compliance certificate pads by Iopsa. You as a plumbing constructor are expected to give these certificates to all your customers, municipal inspectors, insurance companies and professional consultants whenever you are required to do so.

Registering does not only make your business legal, it can also help you get customers. With laws forcing both public and private customers to use qualified plumbers, people will be more willing to do business with you if you provide them with the necessary documents.

This will earn you the customer's trust even before you start doing the job. It also gives customers peace of mind when it comes to insurance issues. Many insurance companies will only pay if the plumbing job was done by a recognised professional.

The law stipulates that after having done a particular job, you must give your customer a certificate which confirms that the job was done by a professional and qualified person.

The certificate confirms that the plumbing installation was done by a qualified plumber in compliance with part A18/1 of the national building regulations.

For each and every plumbing job done, a compliance certificate must be issued. It must give a brief description of what kind of plumbing job was done. It must also indicate relevant codes of practice that were applied when the job was carried out.

Only qualified and registered plumbing constructors, customers, municipal inspectors, insurance companies and professional consultants can be issued with compliance certificate pads.

The books are obtainable from any of Iopsa's national offices. They come in pad form and each pad contains 50 certificates.

The plumbing industry is inseparable from the building and construction industry. As long as construction takes place, the future of plumbing is also guaranteed. You only need to have the relevant papers and to know what you are doing in order to reap the fruits of being a plumbing constructor.