Size no issue

Put the size of the Soccer World Cup and the Rugby World Cup aside.

The common factor between the two national teams is to represent the same nation with one common goal, "the desire to achieve and passion for victory" which I do not see with the other national team.

A total of 32 nations in one tournament, compared to 20 in another, are nothing but numbers if the passion for victory is strong enough. The responsibility for Bafana Bafana to win the World Cup is as big and tough as it is for Italy, France and Brazil; unless of course we agree that those countries have something we do not have and will never have, in soccer.

The Boks didn't win the tournament because they sang the national anthem well, but they sang the national anthem because it was one of the responsibilities they were given as part of the tournament. They seemed determined to perform every responsibility with excellence. The national anthem for the Boks is a symbol of team work.

Mzi ka Shaka Vincent Bhembe