Donate a toy and make kids happy this Xmas

Gugu Sibiya

Radio 5FM and Meltz Toys for Joy will bring the image of Christmas epitomised by the dancing sun at dawn and the eating until you pop that is always followed by the unwrapping of toys under a brightly-illuminated Christmas tree.

This act will resonate more with children whose parents cannot afford surprise gifts, effectively spreading love and excitement that brings a smile to every child.

At that time of the year, when the energy is electric with the spirit of giving, this may just rekindle hope in the hearts of many orphaned, abandoned and abused children.

Through this generous act, the festive season may begin to conjure up feelings of happiness and love to many extended families.

Radio 5FM and Meltz Toys for Joy gives you the opportunity to warm the hearts of the children.

The two are offering you a chance to brighten children's eyes, lighten their load and make them feel loved and cared for.

"We hope to bring some cheer and a whole bunch of smiles to those receiving gifts via this inspiring charity initiative. As media partner, it is our aim to spread the word nationally about what our listeners can do to assist us in giving something back to the community," says Aisha Mohamed, 5FM marketing manager.

By donating a nearly-new or new toy, you could make a Christmas wish come true. 5FM and Meltz Toys For Joy collection boxes will be placed in Meltz stores nationwide from tomorrow until November 30.

For every toy donated, Meltz will donate R1 to Child Welfare. Radio 5FM and Meltz will also host Christmas parties for children in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. Each child will get a toy donated by you as well as Christmas treats.