Dishes culled from travels

TITLE: Zhoosh

AUTHOR: Jeremy and Jacqui Mansfield


Price: R159,95

Reviewer: Don Makatile

Radio and television personality Jeremy Mansfield has a cookbook out, co-authored with his wife Jacqui, who is not a Nigella.

"We have a very modern relationship. At home, Jacqui is more likely to be on the roof clearing out the gutters and I'll be in the kitchen whipping up some marvellous creation."

He says theirs is not just a cookbook: "It has stories from our travels."

There's Pho, a Vietnamese soup inspired by the Mansfields visit to that country.

There's also food from Zimbabwe, Zambia, Alaska, Hong Kong and every other place they have visited.

The photography by Ryno makes the food look delicious, but one will have to try the recipes to know if the food is really great.

There are a variety of tempting salads. The main courses are enough reason why the recipes are meant to be shared - they are just too much for one family.

Mansfield says about his Madiba's Chicken Curry: "It was my pleasure and honour to make this chicken curry for Madiba and share it with him at his Houghton home."

Mansfield started cooking at an early age, taught by his "second mother" Agnes Nontozanele Zenani, their domestic who has since died.

Her samp and beans, umngqusho, is on page 90.