Making an immense difference

Woolworths is a South African favourite because it is a business with a heart.

Woolworths Fourways is providing CAP, a charity operating in Diepsloot, north of Johannesburg, with food and clothes three times a week.

CAP - Christian Action Partners - is a dynamic charity organisation that has made a massive impact on the lives of many desperate children living in dreadful conditions in informal settlements such as Diepsloot.

Many of them are defenceless, scared Aids orphans, some as young as 13, caring for their younger siblings who are, in some cases, babies.

These orphans face this massive responsibility without any means of providing food for their siblings, and without any support, love or guidance. These are children to whom a plate of food is a luxury, a warm bed is but a dream and playtime is a foreign concept.

But Woolworths Fourways has made a massive difference in the lives of many of these children. CAP is currently receiving about eight crates of food three times a week from the company.

Chantal Janssen, CAP's operations director, says: "The food we collect on the Tuesday and Thursday pick-ups are distributed to Diepsloot Combined School where CAP is feeding hungry and destitute children. The headmaster keeps the extra food aside for those children who don't get any food on the weekend.

"The food from the Saturday pick-up from Woolworths is distributed to a small squatter camp outside the Clay Oven in Rivonia, Johannesburg. Because it is a small community of 80 people, CAP has been able to make a big difference to their desperate circumstances," Janssen says.

CAP has also received about 20 boxes of clothing from Woolworths Fourways, most of which is brand new.

"Some of the clothes have been set aside for the CAP apprentice programme, which will kit out matriculants with a new working wardrobe before they go out and present themselves to the business world," explains Janssen.

"About 11 boxes of the clothes were distributed to the Clay Oven squatter camp. Some of the people in this squatter camp are sleeping in drainpipes and out in the open, and the clothes were a welcome relief against the cold and damp they face every night."

Janssen says that CAP would like to extend their sincere thanks to Woolworths for their generous support and for the enormous difference they are making in the lives of the people in the Rivonia and Diepsloot informal settlements.

"If you or your company has food, blankets, new or old outdated equipment, clothing, sports equipment or anything else that you would like to donate, simply contact the CAP offices on and we will arrange for a pick up. It will make a big difference in a child's life."