The be-seen scene

Sandton City

Sandton City

When a date suggests Sandton City, know she is either a gold-digger or a pretentious poor mouse. You will end up paying the huge bill alone.


Some restaurants are classy, but just be careful your date is not a struggling film maker whose attempts at directing her film only progress to the stage of a script.


Newtown is a place of various tastes and it is not quite easy to classify what type of women frequent the area. It actually depends on the venue. At Niki's, you are very likely to bump into bored, BEE, middle-aged women who just want to settle down. Sophiatown Restaurant is great if you are into trendy women. Shivava is good for dancing with your date later, but just be careful your date does not associate with con women. Bassline is good for music and your date is likely to enjoy jazz or hip-hop and even kwaito.

So do not say you have not been warned. Shivava, Bassline, Sophiatown Restaurant, Melville, Sandton City or Sandton Square.