Promoters take on BSA board

Bongani Magasela

Bongani Magasela

War is on the cards between the board of Boxing South Africa (BSA) and the national Promoters Association.

They will come face to face in a meeting at Nasrec on Saturday.

Chief executive of BSA Bongani "Mr Fit-It" Khumalo confirmed the meeting but would not divulge any information regarding the agenda.

Promoters' burning issue of tendering for television dates should be high on the agenda, but chairman Mzimase Mnguni and company are expected to also delve into the issue of the ratings of fighters.

That is the gigantic problem that is affecting some boxers, trainers, managers and promoters.

This department is the lifeblood of boxing. Every boxer, trainer, manager and promoter wants to see themselves in the top 10 and ultimately at the top to be eligible for a crack at the national title.

There is no officially recognised ratings committee, unlike in the past. It is alleged that is currently a one-man department under Loyiso Mtya.

Licensees want that to come to a screeching stop and a committee to be formed.

This writer shares their sentiments. There is the danger that an individual could easily turn that department into a gold mine by selling ratings, and there have been such allegations.

Gauteng licensees were the first to sound the alarm during their meeting with BSA board member Peter Ngatane at Nasrec a few weeks back.

They complained of inconsistency. They said boxers belonging to suburban stables get first preference while those from the ghetto are treated as third-class citizens.

They added some boxers got dropped completely from the ratings because of being inactive for a long time while others like Khulile Makeba, who last saw action last year when he was stopped in eight rounds by Simphiwe Nongqayi for the WBF title on December 15, is rated in the top five.

Noubissis Jacques from Cameroon, who campaigns in the junior heavyweight division, is rated fifth despite being a foreigner.

But most concerned licensees accuse Mtya of forcefully giving first preference to boxers from "his" Baby Champs programme, which is "no longer a Boxing SA project".

He was not available for comment.