Stop cancelling races, says Gama

Richard Nkosi

Richard Nkosi

The persistent cancellation of races at the 11th hour in Mpumalanga is a cause for concern for athletes in the province and must come to an end.

This is a view of Boykie Gama, Mpumalanga road running deputy chairman, who also serves as a development coach in the province.

He raised his concern after the cancellation of several races, which he described "as one of the worst postponement records this year".

More than 10 races have been postponed in the province this year alone. All the marathon clubs that were supposed to hold the races cited financial constraints as a reason for cancelling their races.

"Clearly, coaches have reached a point where marathon clubs have got to think twice about calling a race off. The problem is hampering plans for athletes," he said.

"The race calendar is made public a year in advance."