Students beaten up

Kingdom Mabuza

Kingdom Mabuza

A University of Johannesburg (UJ) student, who leapt from the fourth floor to evade possible arrest from the police, is among three people injured during a clash between students and police yesterday.

The unidentified male student was among a group of chanting protesters who had gathered on the balcony of the Robin Crest Residence.

The student is said to have jumped when the police, who had apparently stopped firing rubber bullets, appeared to approach the building with the intention of arresting the students.

He sprang from the balcony and landed on the ground. He then managed to stand up and limped to safety.

Margaret Titsie, a non-student who was walking on Saratoga Street, was also shot in the leg.

"I have done nothing. I was walking past when the cops said I should go back where I had come from," a weeping Titsie told Sowetan.

A badly beaten student was carried by his colleagues from the Sun Valley Residence to a waiting ambulance.

Students started protesting on Monday against the 14percent fee hike, which the university would implement next year.

After yesterday's violent protest in Doornfontein, the university suspended classes until tomorrow.

Spokesman Sonia Cronje said the UJ management closed the Doornfontein campuses and obtained an interim order on Monday to prevent students from demonstrating.

"An interdict was considered necessary because the university will not tolerate the disruption of academic activities and intimidation of students and staff," she said.

During yesterday's protests, students at Crest and Sun Valley residences threw stones at police and motorists on Saratoga Street.

Police fired rubber bullets and, in full view of the public, kicked down doors and arrested students. Police spokesman Sefako Xaba denied allegations of assault.