Young people highlight the HIV-Aids issue

Staff reporter

Staff reporter

The Mokgahlo wa Batho ka Batjha (MBB youth movement) congress of southern Gauteng and Mpumalanga regions of the Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa gathered to discuss HIV-Aids at the Alexandra Technikon last week.

Various presbyteries from both Gauteng and Mpumalanga attended the conference.

A total of 47 congregations were represented by 94 delegates.

Among the issues discussed at the convention were the affects of HIV-Aids on society and methods for the church to respond to the challenges the disease poses. It was resolved the movement should create more awareness and interventions.

Since the 2005 bosberaad where member Oupa Makume became the first member to disclose his HIV- positive status at a synodical gathering, the MBB took a stand to establish the HIV-Aids project, which raises funds during the first week of September every year.

The clashes between the NG Kerk in Afrika and the Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa was also brought to the table.

The MBB has helped raise R30000 for the construction of Rathanda Church after the congregation was kicked out of the church by the NG Kerk members. At the conference TA Selepe was elected as chairman and S Mwale as his deputy.