Firm says she stole sandals

Andrew Hlongwane

Andrew Hlongwane

A Mpumalanga resident has been banned for five years from Emnotweni Casino near Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, after being accused of stealing a colleague's pair of sandals at work last week.

Now Carol Vilane, 40, has requested to be shown the CCTV camera footage so that she can view the truth to prove that she indeed stole the sandals.

Vilane, from Pienaar Trust, is a cleaner for Prestige Cleaning Services company. The company is contracted to the casino. She claims Emnotweni has barred her from setting foot at their premises for the next five years.

But Vilane denies the accusation saying even the security guard who searched her handbag at the casino gates did not find any stolen item.

She said her colleague also phoned her saying she suspected that she was the one who stole her sandals. Vilane says she told her that she knew nothing about the theft.

Vilane, a mother of seven, had asked to be shown security cameras to prove that she had indeed stolen the sandals, but the company had refused to do so.

"I want them to clear my name. I am not a thief and I would like to gamble at the casino one day," she said.

Vilane, who is not a member of any union, said the company will have to pay her for the time she has been out of work since last week if they cannot prove that she is the alleged thief.

Sowetan is in possession of documents showing that Prestige had suspended Vilane. Dirk Myburgh, operations manager at Prestige Cleaning Services, said the matter was being investigated.

"Vilane must come and see me on Monday, then we will see how to deal with this matter," said Myburgh.