Baby boy drowns in water hole at home

Mhlaba Memela

Mhlaba Memela

A 20-month-old baby boy has died while playing outside his home at Acaciavale in Ladysmith in northern KwaZulu-Natal on Friday.

Thabo Seisa was playing in a yard when he went missing.

Police spokesman Charmaine Struwig said the toddler was following cattle and drowned in a 1,5 meter deep hole.

"His mother searched for him frantically and later came across him floating in the water hole.

"Locals summoned the ambulance but paramedics declared the child dead on arrival," she said.

She said locals alleged that the hole had been dug by local municipal workers for a street light pole.

But it had not been cordoned off and had filled with water from a nearby leaking waterpipe. Struwig said they have opened an inquest docket.

"Should it come to light that anyone was negligent in anyway, the matter will be converted into a culpable homicide investigation," she said.