Before you get into tourism you must comply with prerequisites

Your skills in interacting with people will determine your success in the tourism industry.

Your skills in interacting with people will determine your success in the tourism industry.

You can compete effectively in the industry if you have the right skills, good staff, advanced facilities and appropriate safety measures.

Your customer service must be excellent if you hope to keep clients and get repeat-business.

The tourism industry is so competitive that you cannot rely on prices to set your business apart from the rest.

Think about services that your competitors don't provide to add value to your business. For example, show your customers that you are conscious of health and hygiene.

Your business must meet international standards and every tourist that uses your services should notice this. They should be able to recommend your business to friends when they return home.

Tourism business must be registered and comply with a slew of requirements. Before your jump in, ask yourself if you can meet all these expectations.

You will be expected to meet people from different backgrounds so you must be able to accommodate them.

Don't think about this industry unless you can deal with a demanding client, an unreliable supplier or staff member.

To survive in the tourism business you will also need effective marketing and advertising skills. These can range from brochures on the Internet, television, newspapers and word of mouth.

But word-of-mouth advertising, often the cheapest and best form of marketing, follows only from good service.

The Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism has introduced the International Tourism Marketing Scheme to help small businesses with their marketing. The scheme helps with reading material and organising trade fairs.

You can also get advice from your local council about the tourism business. The council has different departments; health, fire, building inspectors and town planning, which ensure applications for a tourism business comply with council regulations.

Contact the regional tourism liaison committee for information about signs on roads.

To find out more about the legal requirements for a tourism business you can contact the director of tourism regulation at 021-483-8759.

The director can also supply contact details of other tourism liaison committees.

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