Kia Rio heads the pack

Dear Morgan

Can you please tell me which would be the best vehicle to buy between the following:

Kia Rio 1.4 Manual Hi-Spec, Seat Ibiza 1.1 and Peugeot 207 1.4XR 5Door.

I will be using the car as a sales rep and I travel about 4000km a month and twice a month I do country trips. Please Help!!!, Anne

Dear Anne

Firstly, the smallest engine available on the Seat Ibiza is the 1.4litre which produces about 63kW of power.

The Ibiza is essentially a Volkswagen product, but its R122500 price tag is a little over the top for what you get as standard in this vehicle.

The Kia Rio, pictured, is priced at just under R127000 and comes with power steering, aircon, airbags, electric windows, keyless entry, ABS brakes and a two-year or 45000km service plan. For the amount of travelling you do, free servicing for the first 10 months or so should come in handy. I would not consider the Peugeot as an option in your case.