Dated but still competes in fashion stakes

2006 Mercedes-Benz C180 Classic (A)

2006 Mercedes-Benz C180 Classic (A)

Price: R209990

Mileage: 38000km

Colour: White

Motor plan: Balance of the three year/ 120000km warranty

Dealer: McCarthy Hatfield

Charl Wilken

What we are about to write in the next few paragraphs will be hard to believe.

It is now possible to own a 2006 model Mercedes-Benz C180 Classic for the same price as a much smaller and less luxurious car. Yes, it is true.

This has been made possible by yet another price cut of the Mercedes-Benz C180 Classic. This is the second price drop. A few months ago the model's price was also dropped, thanks to McCarthy Hatfield, a vehicle dealership in Pretoria.

There are a few low mileage C-Class models which are priced at R209990. Our used test model had only done 38000km. This means you have still 90000km covered in the maintenance plan. This gives that peace of mind every car owner needs.

In the market for medium family sedans, the C-Class is one of the best contenders because it provides the total package.

The overall package provided by the C-Class is something difficult to match. The timeless design ensures the car remains as contemporary as any of its rivals.

With the launch of the latest C-Class it has now become more affordable to own the previous C-Class.

The 1,8-litre four-cylinder power plant is one of the smoothest engines in the small luxury segment. Driving this car is an absolute dream.

The engine produces 105kW and 220Nm which will get you up to a maximum speed of more than 200kmh.

On the road our test model proves to have little to almost no cabin noise.

This is a solid car.

The suspension of the C-Class soaks up bumps providing a pleasant driving experience.

Ride quality is good and with the Electronic Stability Programme (ESP), you can be assured that you won't easily lose control of the vehicle.

The car is almost new because it has done 38000km. The interior of the car, as well as the exterior, is in pristine condition.

The C180 makes for the perfect family sedan for daily use. With more than enough torque it makes carrying the luggage and family a breeze.

The interior of the car is still in perfect condition. It is all-black and makes one feel that this is a car in a class of its own. The timeless design of the C-Class contributes to this.

Safety features include an anti-lock braking system with ESP, six airbags - dual front, side and curtain, multifunctional steering wheel and Neck-Pro headrests that will prevent your head from whiplash in an accident.

Luxury includes front-loading CD-player, electric windows, and climate control, air-conditioner, power steering and leather upholstery.