Schools get keys to open future doors

Bruce Fraser

Bruce Fraser

For the young pupils and staff of two North West schools it was a dream come true on Friday when they were handed the keys to new classrooms and an administration block.

Borite Primary School and MmaKodisang Early Learning Centre, both in the dusty township of Ledig, were beneficiaries of a corporate social investment project by Sun International.

Principal of Borite Primary School, Susan Mutlaneng, said: "We have 329 pupils and 10 teachers so it means so much to us to have this extra space and we are so grateful."

The new administration block consists of a staff room, toilet facilities, canteen and principal's office.

For Anna Kodisang, founder of MmaKodisang Early Learning Centre, it was a day she will always remember.

Too emotional to speak to the gathered crowd, she could only smile and whisper thanks.

Chief regional director for education Thomas Gradwell said: "I see the future of this country here. It is encouraging to see such dedication."

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