Boring Jeff booted out

Amanda Ngudle

Amanda Ngudle

As the sun went down on Big Brother Africa's Jeff, millions of viewers celebrated in their couches.

This they echoed in the short messages they sent to the SMS strap. The Kenyan author took his walk of shame exactly seven days after he was nearly evicted last week.

Conspiracy Brother, a pseudonym name he acquired while at the house, was the only house mate who did not kiss a girl, smoke, drink alcohol or offend other house mates.

Instead he guzzled carbonated drinks like they were going out of supply.

"If that guy got a penny for each time he opened a can of cool drink, he would have been stinking rich," said Regina Nkosi, a Big Brother fan.

When asked by his former house mates, Richard and Tatiana, why he did not play the game of lovers, he calmly replied: "Sometimes it is just not right."