Weekend of beauty, style and fashion

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

Joburgers can look forward to a fabulous weekend filled with fashion, beauty and style.

This follows the start of the 11th Sanlam Fashion Week on Wednesday. The hot extravaganza ends tomorrow.

The show saw the unveiling of a gorgeous Somali beauty, Hawa, who launched her career at the show as runaway.

Hawa attracted a lot of local designers and was booked by a number of them.

Since Wednesday, exclusive lines from the hottest designers were showcased at the Sandton Convention Centre.

The event also featured exhibitions showcasing over 120 labels and fashion workshops.

Fashionists and the media feasted in style and received beauty advice directly from the experts.

The designers included Craig Native, Marion and Lindie, Lunar, Amanda Laird Cherry, The Holmes Brothers, Ephymol and Terrence Bray.

Craig Native's designs attracted large crowds. Some of them featured Zola Budd's face.

This weekend the show will feature the works of designers like Dennis Manthata, Tando Zamcaka and Mantsho, among others.

Surprisingly, Sungodess, whose label has assumed prominence over the past few months, has mysteriously pulled out of the show.

And somebody whispered in Lebo Mashile's ear that the fashion world is more lucrative than the spoken word. It is believed that she's going to unveil her own range. One hopes she will consider that there are people with slim hips in South Africa.