Zambia knows what is good for Zimbabwe

I refer to your story, "Zim crisis not inflated", with a picture of Zambian president Levy Mwanawasa, the new SADC chairman.

The caption claims he is weak to deal with the Harare crisis. We take strong exception to the insulting caption.

If you want to know the strength of Mwanawasa you only need to hear what President Thabo Mbeki said at the recent World Economic Forum in Cape Town.

Mbeki said it was not true that SADC leaders were reluctant to rebuke each other. He also said Mwanawasa was a good leader who speaks his mind and does not flatter colleagues.

Only recently Mwanawasa spoke out on the need for the Harare crisis to be addressed, lest it became a sinking Titanic. As a matter of fact, Zambia's approach eliminates the need to butt heads with Zimbabwe. Zambia knows what is good for Zimbabwe.

Zambia, as SADC chairman, will engage a perfect approach to the Harare crisis and will not allow herself to be used by those only waiting to see blood on the floor and afterwards, saddle up and ride into the sunset.

Patience is a great virtue. Zambia and Zimbabwe enjoy very warm relations. There is need to tread softly and not exaggerate the Harare crisis lest the fuse is lit underneath both countries, which is what some people are pushing for.

Samuel Ngoma,

Zambia High Commission,