Guard bleeds to death

Sne Masuku

Sne Masuku

Learning was disrupted at a school in Merebank in Durban yesterday when pupils arrived to find the night security guard dead.

His throat had been slit and the tuckshop and caretaker's quarters ransacked.

The guard, whose name has not been released, was on duty at the Junajarth Primary School when a group of eight men armed with knives attacked him, slit his throat and left him to bleed to death, said the police. The thugs then proceeded to the caretaker's room where they stole a DVD player, a television set, jewellery, and an undisclosed amount of cash. The thugs' also stole R500 and goods from the tuckshop.

The entire episode was witnessed by the caretaker and her family, who were unharmed.

Police said this was the fifth school robbery in the province in three months, and asked the community to help them in making arrests.