Zulu king did not blast premier on historical event

Your article "Zulu king blasts Ndebele" on August 20 refers.

It refers to King Goodwill Zwelithini's speech about the death of maidens who were part of Ingcugce in 1876.

The headline is exaggerated, distorted and misleading. The king did not "blast" the premier. He did not even mention Ndebele or the provincial government.

He spoke in detail about events in history. The government highlighted the events of 1876, where maidens were offered to the male Dloko Regiment as wives. Some maidens refused because the men were much older.

At that time, issues of women's rights and freedom of choice concerned women and some risked their lives, as in the case of Ingcugce.

The king said some maidens chose men from other regiments while others married men from Dloko Regiments. Those who refused men from this regiment were killed by their fathers and brothers, who felt that their families had been disgraced by the maidens' defiance of the royal command. While there was no order for the maidens to be executed, turmoil erupted when families could not support them.

This elucidation in history is very welcome. The government wants the community to debate history to deal with current challenges. There is no conflict between the king and premier on these matters.

Zweli Mkhize,

Finance and economic development MEC, KwaZulu-Natal