Impressive Polo Classic

Charl Wilken

It seems that there is no one who can knock VW off the rankings of the new car sales. Month after month VW sells more cars in the small family car segment, though the new Credit Act has cut some of the manufacturers' sales. The secret lies in the Polo range.

When driving a Polo, it isn't difficult to understand the success of this little family car. Ask any Polo driver and they will tell you it was the best car they have ever bought. Ask non-Polo drivers what hatchback or small family sedan they envy, chances are they will tell you it is the Polo.

Although the Polo has been around for some time, it has undergone a slight facelift to make its design more contemporary.

Our used test model had only clocked 31000km. The cabin of the car is neat and clean with no scratches. The same goes for the exterior. The Polo, in this case the Classic, has more boot capacity, and the car ideal for everyday use .

The cabin of the Polo creates a feel of space and there is sufficient leg room for passengers at the back. The layout of the controls is attractive and it is easy to operate from the driver's position.

Our test model, the four-cylinder 1,6i power plant, which delivers 74kW and 140Nm using a five-speed manual gearbox to the front wheels, is powerful enough to carry a fairly heavy load and still reach a comfortable 120km/h on the freeways.

What makes the Polo even more fun to drive is the smooth transmission of the gears. Although it uses a basic gearbox, it is certainly one of the best in its class.

The Polo is not just a basic model. It comes with all-round electric windows, dual airbags, power steering, cup holders, central locking, air conditioning and a front-loading CD player.

It is also affordably priced at R125995.