Criticise all the roleplayers, not only Mugabe

President Thabo Mbeki's mediation efforts in Zimbabwe have failed.

President Thabo Mbeki's mediation efforts in Zimbabwe have failed.

The people who exaggerate Zimbabwe's problems belong to the same sect that oversimplifies the possible solution to this eco-political stalemate. In this context, Tony Blair has given credit to Pretoria's policy approach to Zimbabwe, but he has done nothing practical to create an enabling environment for the success of these mediation efforts.

It would be politically correct for Blair to enlighten his colleagues in the European Union to lift sanctions on Zimbabwe (and supplement the proposed SADC economic package) as a prerequisite for eco-political stability.

Given the number of actors in the Zimbabwean crisis and its complex nature, it is naive and premature to use an individual analysis based on Mbeki's assessment.

Notably, Mbeki's role as assigned by SADC is not to impose his will on the Zimbabwean leadership, but to facilitate talks among the opposing parties.

Meanwhile, the international community should allow ample time to enable Pretoria to carry out its assignment as mandated by SADC and also provide economic aid for Zimbabwe.

Whereas constructive criticism is an important democratic rule, it should be directed at all the actors instead of putting the whole blame on Robert Mugabe.

Kgothatso Shai, Pretoria