'We have no dignity here'

Mzwakhe Duze, 45, is a long-time resident of Kliptown with firm views.

Unemployed and sickly, he is sitting near the Freedom Charter Hall when we meet him. "As you can see my sister, I'm not feeling well. My shack is small, two-rooms and crowded. I come here to get some fresh air and to clear my head. I will go mad if I don't leave that shack. It's too small.

"Even outside, there is no space - not even to throw away dirty water because you might just pour it on your neighbour's feet. There is no dignity in a place like this. Where are our human rights and privacy?" he asks.

I ask him about the service delivery protests. "I missed the protests, but those people have legitimate complaints. People are tired of empty promises. But destroying other people's property because we are angry does not help either.

"We should be more organised, and speak with one voice so that we are heard. We should have presented our case before taking to the streets. We should have drawn up a list of our grievances.

"If I was educated, I would ask my people to be more organised. There is no proper process for people to articulate their concerns. We are disrespected by our own people because we are not organised," Duze said.