Mom of two raped, stoned and left for dead

Simon Nare

Simon Nare

As the nation celebrated Women's Day yesterday, a mother of two was fighting for her life after she was raped, stoned and left for dead, allegedly by two teenagers, on Sunday.

Matshidiso Mokoena spent more than 48 hours lying in a veld at Letlhabile near Brits after the thugs forced themselves on her. The alleged rapists stoned her so severely that she has lost her sight.

Mokoena was on her way to the New Life in Jesus Ministries at Centreville Block.

Her distraught and traumatised daughter, Ntsoaki Mokoena, said her mother left home at about 5pm. She apparently waited for a local taxi but became impatient and decided to walk.

"A few metres from the church, a young man approached her. When the young man saw a car approaching, he jumped in front of her and pushed her, apparently to measure her strength.

"He then started assaulting her. She fought back but then his accomplice suddenly emerged from nowhere. They overpowered her," the daughter said.

She said the family had decided to report her missing after members of her congregation returning from church saw her jacket and hat on the road.

They took these articles to the police station. The family and police went to the scene and found Mokoena unconscious.

Now the police investigation is apparently being hindered by jurisdictional complications. Mokoena was found by police officers from Letlhabile. They cannot investigate because the area she was found in falls under the jurisdiction of Brits police.

She was found four days ago, but police have not yet taken a statement from her, Ntsoaki said. They have apparently taken statements from friends who took her to hospital. These friends cannot shed any light on what happened that day. This has upset the family.

"It's not like she cannot talk. She can even describe the young man who attacked her," said Ntsoaki.

"We feel very let down by the police because she has been in hospital for days now and no statement has been taken.

"We live in fear because these people are roaming the streets and we don't know who they are," she said.

She said the family was happy that she was alive and described her mother as a strong woman.

"The fact that she endured two nights and two days of pain is proof of that," she said.

Mokoena suffered severe internal injuries that caused internal bleeding. She will soon undergo complicated surgery.

Police yesterday could not confirm the incident because they said their computers were off line.