Socialism a cure for all ills

The recent waves of workers' strikes across all sectors demonstrate a deep discontentment among ordinary people and the working class.

We witnessed the protracted strike of public servants which was a yardstick for workers in other sectors to fight for decent wages commensurate with their contribution to bulge the pockets of the bourgeoisie.

Last month, Numsa workers took to the streets for decent wages, and countless others are doing so.

How on earth is it possible that capitalist and worker have one common understanding, unless we are politically schooled to understand the dynamics of the class struggle?

It is clear that the ANC depicted itself as mediator between labour and capital. Over the past 13 years of democracy, the working class and ordinary people have benefited less than the ruling class. In fact, the gap between haves and have-nots shows that the ANC's strategy of wealth distribution is failing the nation.

Workers are subjected to exploitative conditions and vulnerable to a myriad of social ills. These strikes symbolise that the workers' voice is not taken seriously by those in the highest echelons of the party.

Socialism is the sole panacea for all the socio-economic and political problems we face in this country, even if the ANC is too intransigent to accept that.

Collen Masweneng, Benoni