Sanco shelves plans because of divisions

Khangale Makhado

Khangale Makhado

The South African National Civic Organisation in Limpopo has had to shelve its service delivery mobilisation programme because of divisions within its ranks.

The divisions have forced Sanco's national office to disband its provincial structure and replaced it with an interim provincial leadership committee in Polokwane.

Mesina Masekoameng, the convenor of the interim committee, this week said the decision to disband the leadership structure elected in 2005 was taken after months of inactivity by the elected leaders.

He said the disbanded leadership had failed to convene a single meeting of the 15-member provincial working committee, which is supposed to meet at least once a month.

Instead, Masekoameng said, the elected leadership had sown divisions among the Sanco members.

He also complained that on the other hand they had also sidelined treasurer, Gilbert Mosena.

"It's a pity that since the divisions surfaced, Sanco has not intervened on issues such as service delivery.

"We met this week to chart the way forward for our province and will be holding our first provincial meeting on August 9.

"At that time we will consolidate our plans," added Masekoameng.