Musician remembered for songs against Iraqi invasion

Benson Ntlemo

Benson Ntlemo

CCP Records has posthumously released an album dedicated to the late Freddie Masingi.

Masingi, popularly known as Matshwa Bemuda, died last year. He sang against America's invasion of Iraq, and also in support of ANC deputy president Jacob Zuma.

The new album is titled Switshongo Swa Matshwa (Nice Things from Matshwa).

This CD comprises remixed tracks from a number of Masingi's previous CDs.

"We looked at the legacy of the man, the growing influence of his music after his death and decided to pay him tribute," said Norman Mathonsi, who is Masingi's former manager.

Mathonsi said the CD will have something for Masingi's fans because all the tracks were from his previous albums.

This is the second tribute to the musician who died while riding the crest of a musical wave.

After his death, his friend, Thomas Shuma, composed a song titled Tribute to Matshwa in his honour.

In his CD Ntsinda Baghdad, Masingi criticised George Bush for invading Iraq.

He also produced several songs praising Zuma, while some criticised the manner in which he was treated.