Court frees 16 Moutse children

Sixteen Moutse children, aged between 13 and 18, have been freed after charges of malicious damage to property and disturbing the peace were withdrawn in a local magistrates' court yesterday.

They were arrested last month after they allegedly barricaded roads with rocks and metal objects.

The magistrate said there was insufficient evidence that they were involved in the protest.

Their parents were pleased about their release.

"The police did not give the reasons for our children's arrest," said one mother. The children had been in the custody of their parents.

At the time of their arrests the Moutse community was protesting against the area's incorporation into Limpopo from Mpumalanga.

Meanwhile, a senior education clerk in Limpopo, arrested on allegations of intimidation at Moutse, had his case postponed in the same court yesterday.

Tefo Mathivedi was arrested last week. He is out on R1000 bail. - Alfred Moselakgomo