NPA biased in charging Vlok

The NPA does not do itself any good by bringing charges of attempted murder against Adriaan Vlok and Johann van der Merwe.

There have been many cases where the NPA refused to prosecute. The reason to charge Vlok and Van der Merwe at this time is absurd. We must close the past and move towards the future.

The NPA is biased because Reverend Frank Chikane, pictured, works in the Presidency. How can the authority justify prosecuting these men now? It does not make any sense.

The NPA is wasting tax payers' money by pursuing the case. It seems that the NPA takes instructions from the Union Buildings and only acts when the Presidency tells it to.

Why is the Chris Hani assassination case not reopened? The NPA does not give people proper answers. They say that there is no new information, which is absurd considering that the guys who killed Hani never disclosed the information.

The authority must use data from the TRC to evaluate the merits of the Hani case, unless of course Pretoria is hiding something. Only time will tell.

Katlego Napo, Johannesburg