Releases and regular faces

l So last week we attended yet another SABC1 launch.

l So last week we attended yet another SABC1 launch.

It seems they are launching new programmes every week.

The new SABC1 music show, One, was renamed Live. I went to the launch and saw the usual guests - Andile, Chomee, Somizi, Kelly, Arthur, Tuks, Skwatta Kamp, Khanyi. Can't we invite real people?

It was visible that Somizi did not enjoy Chomee's performance. It's good to see axed SABC1 presenter Kede Mkhabela back in the limelight. How did you get an invite sweetie?

Ooh, I keep forgetting that she's an artist . a member of the not-so-tight group Tyte. I heard they are recording and should soon be releasing their second album after so many years.

l Has anybody seen Ghetto Ruff's first lady of house music, Iko Mash, lately? We are still waiting for your album babes, time is ticking.

l This is the year for new releases and everyone is in the studio lately. Khanyi Mbau said she was recording just the other day and now she's saying she's ready to release.

I heard one of her songs and I warn her not to compare herself with Brenda and Lebo because that's just setting herself up for failure.

l Kelly Khumalo has no timing. She said on national TV that DJ Cleo was gay and also claimed Cleo had spanked her husband's "arse".

Given all the reports that questioned Cleo's sexuality, are we really supposed to believe Kelly?

Kelly is another one who has just released her third offering and this time under her own company. Things are so bad at Bonsai entertainment since Kelly left them, the management is said to be using taxis to travel.

l I couldn't believe that Ishmael could make jokes about drugs on TV. He knows many artists are drug victims. Does he realise what message he is sending out?

l I must say's Ripped was a fabulous show and the presenter, Phuthi Kgomo, was perfect. I think Kuli and Lesley also made stunning commentaries.

I am not sure about Sonia Motaung. I think her views are not balanced; she spoke as if she was having a casual chat in a taxi. When are we ever going to hear 3Sums songs on radio? When is Unathi Nkayi releasing?

l Durban July fake pretentious kisses . fabulous, fabulous fabulous, though I almost broke my most expensive stilettos. I'll tell you about it next week.