Soweto TV has lots of good fare

REAL THING: Masello Motana. © UNKNOWN.
REAL THING: Masello Motana. © UNKNOWN.

Tebogo Monama

Tebogo Monama

It has taken 31 years for Soweto to finally get a voice - a voice called Soweto TV.

The TV channel, South Africa's first community TV station, which was granted a one-year licence, made media history in Orlando West with the switch-on and its first live broadcast on Sunday.

Soweto TV is a volunteer community television initiative by Sowetans for Sowetans. It will become a full commercial enterprise in the coming year.

The switch-on took place between 4pm and 6pm on Sunday at the station's studios at Tloreng Primary School in Orlando West.

The station aims to provide a training platform for volunteer producers, directors, and technical and production staff who want to keep the station on air.

Auditions brought forward a number of known and unknown candidates. Presenters who invaded viewers' homes include Masello Motana.

Soweto TV is an interactive, engaging and informative show where presenters and producers engage with viewers about issues that they think are relevant.

The programme lineup includes sports, entertainment and live a news feed every hour from the Sowetan newspaper and a youth interactive show. There is also Women's Talk and Soweto Today - Current Affairs around Soweto.

The station goes live every weekday from 6pm to midnight, with repeats packaged for the rest of the day.