Headless chickens

The other day Steve Komphela told a newspaper that his team played according to Amagluglug's culture.

Wow! If that "culture" is what his team has displayed so far in the eight-nation tournament, then our soccer has no future.

I am referring to the dismal lack of basic skills and direction shown by Amagluglug when playing against China and Cameroon last week.

Komphela's boys looked like headless chickens who just rushed, gave the ball away and had no idea how to play against well-organised opponents.

Is there anyone at Safa who can explain who's responsible for this national embarrassment? Who's in charge of policy and development of Amagluglug? Is it Sasol or Safa?

Komphela must cut down on hollow rhetoric because it looks Amagluglug have no direction.

Victor Madondo