'My father should burn in hell'

WANTED: Forbes Ndlovu. © Unknown.
WANTED: Forbes Ndlovu. © Unknown.

Zinhle Mapumulo

Zinhle Mapumulo

Police are looking for Forbes Ndlovu in connection with the murder of his former wife, Lesi Ndlovu.

Fafa Ndlovu, 19, told Sowetan yesterday that she could never forgive her father for allegedly murdering their mother.

"My father deserves to burn in hell for what he did to me and my siblings."

It has been a week since the naked body of her mother, Lesi, 44, was discovered with stab wounds at her home in White City, Soweto.

The alleged killer is still at large.

The man suspected to have stabbed Lesi to death, her former husband, has disappeared.

Police have questioned his family and friends, but none of them were able to help, said police spokesman Captain Philemon Korombi.

Ndlovu apparently left a note for his three children, which read: "I'm sorry for what I have done. The world will forgive me and please forgive me too.

"I will come and see you. Salani no gogo wenu othakathayo - I leave you with your grandmother who is a witch."

Fafa said: "My mother was a kind woman who loved us dearly. I will never understand why my father killed her that way.

"What makes me angry is that he has the nerve to ask us to forgive him.

"How are we supposed to forgive somebody who killed our mother so mercilessly?

"I think the man is crazy. He deserves to burn in hell for robbing us of our mother," she said.

She said she hopes her mother's killer is arrested soon.

Rosina Banda, the deceased's sister, said the children were traumatised.

"As a family we won't stand in their way if they want to forgive their father. We can only support and care for them," she said.