Mei was a sport fanatic

Sephiri Hlohlolo

Sephiri Hlohlolo

The popular saying goes that it seems the good always die young. Nomathamsanqa Mei was such a person.

She was only 37 years old when she died on May 24, but had crammed in many achievements into her short life.

Born on January 30 1970 at Merriespruit in Virginia, Free State, Mei was a sports fanatic.

She obtained a teaching diploma at the then Transvaal College of Education in Pretoria in 1992 and started her teaching career at Reatlehile Secondary School in Meloding, Virginia in 1993.

A vibrant woman who strongly defended teachers' rights, Mei's political career blossomed when she was elected deputy secretary of the South African Democratic Teachers Union (Sadtu), Virginia branch, in 2005.

She also held the position of secretary in the Virginia bereavement committee for teachers. She believed that education was the key to success and this was evident when she graduated with a BTech in management from the University of Tshwane in 2005.

Mei was a lover of sport. She coached netball, volleyball and soccer at Reatlehile. In 1996 she represented Sadtu in volleyball at the national sports tournament in Durban.

Mei, who is survived by her daughters, siblings and sister-in-law, will be buried tomorrow. Her funeral service will be held at the Virginia Methodist Church from 8am.