The BMW M6 drives Ntando 'crazy'

Mabuyane Kekana

Mabuyane Kekana

The BMW M6 convertible made one of South Africa's hottest Afro-pop stars "go crazy" last Friday.

Ntando took time out from the studio, where he spends most of his time, to hang with our motoring and entertainment teams.

At first the singer tried to contain himself when we informed him that he would be riding in the M6.

Little did he know that the sound of the M6's engine could make anyone instantly mad.

As we drove out of our office complex in Industria, Ntando and his manager, Abbey Ngcobo, could no longer contain their excitement.

Ntando was the first to lose his composure.

"Hey man," he said to Ngcobo, "I think we should work very hard on my next album.

"We must sell a lot of copies so I can buy this car.

"Nothing can beat this babe. This is the life."

While we were enjoying a drive in the M6, we passed some of Ntando's fans, who went even crazier when they saw their favourite singer.

The girls screamed their lungs out.

As for me, I was invisible to them.

All they could see was Ntando and the M6, and I can't say I blamed them.

The monster roared every time we took off.

We left all other motorists in our dust. Some looked on in envy.

Under the bonnet of this German beast lies the same V10, 5litre engine found in the M6 Coupe and the M5.

Power is transferred via the seven-speed SMG (sequential manual gearbox) transmission. This engine produces a maximum output of 373kW and torque of 520Nm.

Teenagers screamed in appreciation.

Adult men asked for a ride and reckless teenage boys commented that I had really married rich.

Everyone had something to say about the car and those in it.

As for our guest, Ntando did not want the day to end.

Raising the car's collapsible roof, an operation that takes about 25 seconds, transforms the M6 convertible into a totally different car.

Inside, the M6 boasts a wide range of beautiful stylish and practical features.

This beast does not only evoke emotions of pride in whoever is driving it, it is also one of the safest performance machines in the world.

The DSC (dynamic stability control) and advanced safety electronics lessen the intensity of the impact if the car is in a collision.

What would you pay for this elegant, sporty and safe car?

The M6 Convertible is priced at R1,2million.

Did I hear you say, "Not bad, only if the Lotto comes back"?