Adventure into Africa will help fight scourge of malaria

Sowetan Reporter

Sowetan Reporter

South African explorer Kingsley Holgate will have a beaded Zulu calabash filled with Cape sea water with him as a good luck talisman as he explores the African sub-continent in the fight against malaria.

Holgate's team is set to once again pursue their One Net One Life campaign to distribute thousands of mosquito nets to pregnant mothers and children younger than five.

The team will also help with spectacles and deliver educational aids to remote schools.

The Africa Outside Edge Expedition will advance the aims and objectives of Nepad and the African renaissance.

The adventurous odyssey has the blessing of the Department of Foreign Affairs and is supported by several high-profile sponsor partners committed to African development.

Land Rover owners interested in joining the longest humanitarian convoy of Land Rovers ever to escort an expedition from the Cape, should e-mail Sharon at capeto-cape@