Embarrassed MPL bursts into tears

Canaan Mdletshe

Canaan Mdletshe

The Speaker of the KwaZulu-Natal legislature, Willies Mchunu, has warned members of the legislature to behave and stop acting like children- or face the music.

The warning came after Mchunu forced a member of the legislature, Bonga Mdletshe, to apologise for giving a female condom to another legislator this week.

Mdletshe, a former Speaker, reportedly gave the condom to the ANC's Bawinile Zondi, pictured, in the legislature on Tuesday. Zondi burst into tears.

Condoms were given to everyone who attended the budget speech by health MEC Neliswa Nkonyeni.

Zondi, 43, said she was embarrassed because the condom given to her was not among those distributed by the department of health, but had been sent to her by Mdletshe.

"I didn't understand why he decided to send a condom to me.

" I think it was even more embarrassing for the usher [who handed her the condom], an old man, to be sent to distribute such things. I think his rights were violated," said Zondi.

She said she respected Mdletshe as an inkosi and a father-figure.

"To me, he is more than a colleague, he is a father-figure and for him to do such is still a mystery to me."

Zondi complained to Mchunu, who asked Mdletshe to apologise.

"It is uncalled for, for members to act like this, and I call on inkosi Mdletshe to humbly apologise to the legislature, the complainant and the general public. This is contempt of the legislature," warned Mdletshe.

"It was not my intention to embarrass or degrade the dignity of the honorable member," said Mdletshe before apologising. "I just felt it was a good gesture to give her the condom as a female."