Tax dodgers just criminals

More and more high-profile people are being bust for not paying tax.

More and more high-profile people are being bust for not paying tax.

Last week, two of the country's most celebrated sons, musicians Zwai Bala and Kabelo Mabalane, owned up to cheating the taxman.

Tokollo Tshabalala, another member of TKZee, is facing similar charges.

Now, some people might wonder what the big deal is when people become slothful about their tax obligations. Some numbskulls might even argue that tax evasion is not a serious crime because nobody gets hurt or killed.

They are wrong. Tax evasion always hurts someone.

This form of daylight robbery of the national fiscus is indeed a serious criminal act, especially considering what tax money gets used for.

What the Balas and Mabalanes of this world are really doing is denying the nation a chance to send even more children to school, holding back money to fight dangerous crime, depriving us of money to house the poor and equip public hospitals, among other things.

Their actions also mean that honest folks shoulder an unfair slice of the tax burden.

Tax evasion, like any other crime, is even more despicable when committed by people to whom millions of youth look up to as role models.

Surely musicians would rather be known for their talent to entertain and not for dabbling in crime like ordinary scum?