Media want open nuclear trial

Media interests are opposing the state's bid to keep a nuclear smuggling case under wraps.

Daniel Geiges, Garhard Wisser and Krisch Engineering are the three accused reported to have been part of the previous regime's programme to build a nuclear bomb. The state says information released in court could help outside parties build weapons of mass destruction and could compromise national security.

The South African National Editor's Forum, Freedom of Expression Institute, South African chapter of the Media Institute of Southern Africa and the Mail & Guardian are opposing the state's move to hold the trial behind closed doors.

The accused are alleged to have been part of an international nuclear smuggling network. The activities of the Pakistani engineer, AQ Khan's, network were exposed in 2003 when it tried to smuggle equipment for uranium enrichment to Libya.

Geiges, Wisser and their company also face fraud and forgery charges, but these will be heard in open court. - Staff Reporter