Follow your senses

As a little girl I fantasised about the day I would decorate my bedroom to my heart's content.

As a teenager it reflected my youthfulness and when I started working I toned down on the Brenda posters and continued transforming my bedroom until a partner came into the picture.

How could I make my bedroom please my man and still make it rev things up for us at special moments?

To decorate a bedroom so that it says "come hither" without making it look like a hooker's nest is a tricky thing to balance though. With so many accessories, colours and personalities to consider, what's a girl to do?

My decor consultant Ritchie da Costa says to follow your five senses when decorating a bedroom for more than one person.

"Things like a romantic bedroom need you to get emotionally involved and we have guides in the form of our five senses."

A romantic bedroom should please all of the senses to enhance intimacy and comfort, he says.

l Sight: Lighting should be soft and filtered; bright lights can detract from the ambience. Use lower wattage light bulbs or those with a soft pink hue.

"For special evenings, nothing adds romance like the warm glow of candles," said Da Costa.

l Touch: Make sure the feeling your bed exudes is one of comfort.

"Comfortable luxurious sheets and plush pillows are wonderful, but the real key is a comfortable mattress. Make sure to have one that feels heavenly and caresses both you and your partner," Da Costa said.

l Smell: Scented candles send out the right message. They smell divine and might even inspire things to happen in bed.

Sheila Sekete, a health shop manager in Rosebank, said: "Gently wiping your light bulbs with a thin coat of perfumed oil can send calming or sensual scents throughout the bedroom.

"Scented sachets of lavender and rosemary also add to the air of romance."

l Sound: Make sure you have a quality stereo to play soft romantic music in your bedroom.

"But never ever listen to the news or anything else in the bedroom. Make a pact to listen to the most beautiful sounds only," warns Da Costa.

l Taste: Keep luxurious indulgences such as slabs of chocolate, small pieces of fruit and champagne nearby. Even if you don't indulge, they might inspire a romantic mood.

"You can now evaluate your bedroom with your partner and ask him or her if they are getting the vibes you are trying to send," he said.

Accessories to consider:

l Side lamps and scented candles for perfect lighting and fragrance.

l Scented oils for the enticing smell.

l Pillows and cushions to complete the decor.

l Bed throws to add personal signature to your overall decor.

l Floor rugs to add comfort and pick up the colours from the bed.

l Curtains - they are the anchor of your decor.