Police, community pray and act to end crime

Alf Moselakgomo

Alf Moselakgomo

Patrol vehicles were parked and guns and handcuffs were put aside in Mpumalanga yesterday when police held a prayer meeting with community members.

Led by minister for safety and security, Charles Nqakula, police officers gathered with senior political leaders and church and community members at the Msogwaba Stadium in Pienaar, near Nelspruit.

Members of the community used the opportunity to inform the minister of their assessment of the performance of the police.

Nqakula said crime could only be effectively combated if communities tipped off the police about criminal activities. He called on parents in particular to assist with this programme.

"Parents whose children do crime can play a vital role in reducing crime. If your child comes home with stolen goods and you report that to the police, then crime would really be eradicated," he said.

Nqakula said police had formed a partnership with local schools and that pupils would in future be searched for dangerous weapons at school.